Herbal Teas or "Tisanes"

Herbal Teas or "Tisanes"

If you ask us for a tea recommendation without caffeine, our options include decaffeinated teas or herbal teas. Unless one already has a strong preference for the taste of tea, there are more options available among herbal teas.

Also called "tisanes," the French word for "herbal infusion," these non-teas are made specifically without camelia sinensis (i.e,. tea, per se) from any number of possible herbs, spices, flowers, and other plant materials. With the exception of yerba mate, which contains a small amount of natural caffeine, herbal teas or tisanes do not contain natural caffeine. However, they often offer their unique selling points according to their blend components. 

For example, we think our Spearmint herbal tea, smooth, round, and crisp, makes for an excellent digestif. And we recommend our Chamomile herbal tea, smooth, sweet, and floral, as a relaxing tea to try a few hours before bedtime. While we can't and don't make any medical claims about our tea offerings, we find the world of herbal teas to be both wide and wonderful. We encourage you to check out our herbal tea offerings to see what may strike your fancy for its flavor profile or as a possible complement to a daily mindfulness ritual or tradition.

Thank you for reading our post, and have a wonderful day. 



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